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The Most Common Places COVID Is Spreading Right Now (And Where It’s Not)

Common Places COVID Is Spreading

Curious what activities may be associated with higher COVID-19 transmission? Here’s what data suggests.

Where COVID Is Spreading The Most Right Now

  • Inside restaurants and bars
  • Small, informal get-togethers and birthday parties
  • Very crowded outdoor settings

Where COVID Does Not Appear To Be Spreading

  • Schools with mask mandates
  • Public transportation

All of this really depends on where you live

While it’s helpful to have a big-picture view of the types of activities that have been linked to greater COVID-19 transmission — and to stay on top of national trends —


Check out your local health department data.

You can do this by searching online for your city and the phrase “COVID cases.”

The CDC also tracks community spread by county, and updates it daily.