Today’s post concerns timelines.  Most people don’t understand time lines.  They see clocks and they see calendars daily.  Time passes them by without them really thinking about what happens over time.  In my courses in statistics, many statistics have a measurement in time.  I found most corporate types were actually clueless about time.  In this post, I will illustrate time with examples of technology advancement.

Technology advances and people are clueless about it and don’t compare progress well.  Edison did many experiments to produce the light bulb.  Especially, he had passion and hyperfocus.  Consequently,  the following three examples will help people compare technology developments over time.  Corporate executives I found don’t do this well nor do anti science types.  These are all concrete provable examples of how we discover, image and invent things.

Example #1 – advancement in aircraft

Wright Brother first powered flight December 1903

They spent 3 years developing the plane with 3 axis control system!

Heinkel He 178 First Flight 27 August 1939

Timeline – 36 Years from Wright brothers

This example goes from a wood and cloth cover airplane to an all metal jet engine one.  Time 35.8 years.  First jet passenger plane de Havilland Comet 1949 – 46 years.

Example #2 – Advancement in Genetic Research

The Discovery of the Double Helix 1953.

Human genome fully decoded 2003.

Time Line – 50 years to develop the technology.

Example #3 – mRNA  Vaccine development compared with polio vaccine.

mRNA Discovered 13 May 1961

First, research idea to use it as a new type of vaccine 1984

Time Line 23 Years

Next, many researchers mucked around until 2007.  Then Katalin Karikó and immunologist Drew Weissman and Ungr Şahin and Özlem Türeci got funding to develop mRNA vaccines as they had breakthroughs.

Time line from mRNA discovery 46 years – from idea to develop a workable vaccine 23 years.

First mRNA vaccine produced and tested mRNA vaccine produced and tested mRNA vaccine against an infectious agent (rabies) began in 2013.  Time from start to testing 6 years with positive results.

Time Line – 6 years and 52 years since mRNA was discovered.

Full production for COVID 2020 mRNA – 13 years to rabies and 59 Years to widespread use as vaccine for COVID-19 viruses!  Success rate 94-95%.


Polio Vaccine development time line till use 1948-1955 – 7 years.  Success rate 95%.

The summary

 Then I hear antivaccers say the COVID mRNA vaccine was not tested!  I compare the Polio vaccine at (7) seven years with one year of testing with mRNA vaccine development at 52 years with 13 years of testing.  Next, when compared with the airplane to the jet to a passenger plane.  Therefore, I can give a logical time line to these people.  I wrote this to illustrate the utter silliness of anti science, anti technology people.  Please use the past time line to look to the future.

About time

So when I talk with my brain washed MAGA neighbors that in a few years we will treat cancer with mRNA vaccines.  I actual want to hear them say, “I can’t wait”!  Instead they say “it is not going to happen”.  They fall into being nice little brain washed minions of nasty little authoritarians.

Post dedication

Dedicated of this for the following people who studied and over came problems to develop a better world.  They are Katalin Karikó, Drew Weissman, Ungr Şahin, Özlem Türeci, the Wright Brothers, George Gamow, François Jacob and Jacques Monod (who found mRNA).