About Us

About Us

Who we are – What we do – Why we do it.

Use our Website as we build it to learn about Immunology, Vaccines, Allergies and current immunology medical news.

In a world of social media misinformation and lack of understandable medical information:

Out task is to Weed fact from Myth.  We are a team of educators, science and medical professionals who are digging out the facts and science of the human immune system.  We are self supported and don’t use cookies and sell ads.  We keep it simple!

The human immune system is a vast and complex system.  Our goal with this website is to educate and provide factual information and a few opinions to help students, medical students, medical professionals and anyone interested in learning more about the human immune system to use this website as a resource.  The human immune system is one of the most complex and misunderstood organ systems in the human body.

You will see extracted and edit journal articles.  Our goal in editing articles is to make them simple and concise.  Often many articles have run on sentences, obscure vocabulary and are just too long and awful to read.