About Pandemics

I grew up with people who had Polio.   Not one of them was happy about having it.   I hear “anti-vaccine types”, conspiracy theories about vaccines and it is my personal choice arguments.  So many crazy ideas that lack logic and knowledge!  I remember getting the sugar cube – I also remember how relieved the mother’s were that their children would not get Polio that day!

Then there was the black plaque and small pox Pandemics.  I remember seeing the scars on people’s faces in counties where the small pox vaccinations were not available.


Fact is the longer people delay getting vaccinated, the longer the COVID-19 Virus has a chance to mutate and extend the pain the world is suffering.

The word “quarantine” has it’s origin in the term 40 days in Italian.  The time used to quarantine travelers to prevent diseases like the black plague and other diseases from entering a city or an Island.  This is how serious we use to take precautions against pandemics and diseases.

So I ask those who are resistant to getting vaccinated – “What Part of Pandemic Do you Not UNDERSTAND?”

Be Safe get vaccinated!