Areas for better understanding in Immunology

By John L Elliott MS

This is a hard to talk about part of research.  Why do vaccines fail?  If a vaccine is 95% effective why does it fail in 5% of the cases?  Why do some vaccines cause other issues such as Myocarditis?  Why do some vaccines cause nervous system issues and autoimmune issues?

These are the unknown areas of the biology/chemical/immunology areas where research are needed.  Many people consider medicine is a “we know it all things”.  The reality is I learned long time ago – “we can’t know it all”.  It took me a long time to not be arrogant.  Yet many professional medical people are less than willing to discuss these adverse events.

Adverse Events study is how science and understanding advance

So when I went into research – my mentors in biology David E. Martin PhD and in Statistics teacher John H. Neel PhD both at Georgia State University helped me understand the value of how statistics answer some questions but do not answer all of the questions in research.

Humans have many biochemical differences over our large population.   It is difficult to predict everything.  So there are researchers and databases that are looking at these areas.

In summary, I would be remiss if I said that “vaccines are totally safe”.  However, I am a live today and healthy.  I have had something like 21 tetanus shops due to bites from animals.  Due to travel, I have had the smallpox three times.  I have had the flu shots since there was a vaccine.  I also have had all the SARS-CoV-2 shots and boosters.

So here we go….

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