Allergen of the Day September 23, 2021

The molecule Amly Salicylate (CAS 2050-08-0) causes contact dermatitis and was seen in many products world wide in preparations of skin conditioning products and personal Care Products. Amyl salicylate is used as a perfuming and flavoring agent.  It is used Air Care Products, Laundry and Dishwashing Products and Personal Care Products.  Amly Salicylate is a clear liquid to pale yellow liquid with floral scent notes of sweet, herbaceous and balsamic, clover, and sweet chocolate. According to some sources some people can not smell its scent.  It is extensively used in floral and non-floral perfume types: Very often in Carnation, Hyacinth, Orchid, Tretle, and almost inevitably in Fougère types of perfume.  The allergies in the EU Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) in the document “OPINION on Fragrance allergens in cosmetic products”.   It is regulated in Canada but not in the United States.

Amly Salicylate effects

Amly Salicylate often causes contact dermatitis and persistent eczema and causes out breaks of with those who suffer psoriasis on the skin exposed to Amly Salicylate.  This is listed as a known human immune system toxicant or allergen in EU Banned and Restricted Fragrances and Canada.   However, we still see it in products in the United States, South American, Africa and Asia.  This is found as a food additive which can continue eczema break outs and has been found to create psoriasis like skin lesions leading to misdiagnosis by clinical doctors.  Clinical most exposure comes from perfumes and soaps.

Warning: Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects eczema and psoriasis patients!

Other names or Synonym(s):
pentyl o-hydroxybenzoate

2-Hydroxybenzoic acid pentyl ester

Pentyl salicylate

Salicylic acid amyl ester

Salicylic acid pentyl ester

There are almost 100 trade names for this product to hide it from users.

Be aware in the United States this is hidden in fragrance on products!