CDC Announcement on COVID

CDC September 12, 2023 Announcement on COVID, they recommend everyone 6 months and older get an updated COVID-19 vaccine to protect against the potentially serious outcomes of COVID-19 illness this fall and winter. Updated COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna will be available later this week.

Vaccination remains the best protection against COVID-19-related hospitalization and death. Vaccination also reduces your chance of suffering the effects of Long COVID. Long COVID can develop during or following acute infection and last for an extended duration.  If you have not received a COVID-19 vaccine in the past 2 months. Plan to get an updated COVID-19 vaccine  to protect yourself this fall and winter.

CDC Announcement on new COVID vaccine

SARS-CoV-2 Virus high mutation rate

The virus that causes COVID-19 is always changing.  Protection from COVID-19 vaccines declines over time. Receiving an updated COVID-19 vaccine can restore protection. The new vaccine provides enhanced protection against the variants currently responsible for most infections and hospitalizations in the United States.  Last season, those who received a 2022-2023 COVID-19 vaccine saw greater protection against illness and hospitalization than those who did not receive a 2022-2023 vaccine.  To date, hundreds of millions of people have safely received a COVID-19 vaccine under the most intense safety monitoring in U.S. history.

Get the shot

Take personal responsibility

It is up to everyone to take personal responsibility.  The shots work and lower mortality.  The previous statistics show that the worst months for spreading Covid, Flu and RSV are November to April.   In summary, our suggestion, get the shot and in January get a booster shot.  Ad the virus mutates as the vaccines become less effective.