On September 19th I got the New Covid Vaccine for XBB.1.5

By John L Elliott MS

On September 17th, I went to the CVS website and signed up to get the new Flu Quadrivalent vaccine and new Covid XBB.1.5. vaccine.  I was there early in the morning at 9 AM at the near by CVS pharmacy.  Got a picture of my sign up, which helped proved I signed up.  What happened in the pharmacy, I got the Flu shot in one arm and the COVID shot in the other.   Setting my iPhone timer for 15 minutes.  While I waited I talked to another customer waiting for medication to be filled.  She then signed up and got her shots as I left the store.

Here are vaccines I took.

Today I have a little bit of pain in both arms.  Much like any other vaccine shot I have taken.   As with other vaccines, I took in the past.  Decided to take it easy for the next 24 hours.  I also picked up some more masks from Home Depot after my shots.

One of my friends from high school.  Got his shots later in the day.

Update – It is two days and I have no pain in my arms and did not develop any adverse issues.

A Bit Later

A quick note two weeks later – I was exposed to  COVID teaching.  I did not get it.

Be safe – Get Vaccinated – Help Stamp out Covid