Immunology Education resources

By John L Elliott MS

I dropped my first course in Immunology.   Two reasons, the teacher had a very heavy French accent and he did not have a book to read and study.  I needed books to read.  His excuse was he was writing a book.  (He never did by the way). I had the background in chemistry (mostly organic) and biology.  These are critical to Immunology study.  Avoid books written by politicians such as Robert Kennedy Jr.  These are a waste of money.

In 2004, I started back studying biology as my daughter got Cancer.  in 2010, I got eczema on my hands and started back studying the chemicals that caused it.  In the 1990’s, I took allergy shots for my sinus issues.  So I had some knowledge in the area as my son and ex-wife had allergies also.

Today many people listen to YouTube or podcasts.  Political commentators are the last people to learn about immunology from.  So I decided to list resources you need to understand and correctly learn about immunology.

Background Books

A good back ground books on organic chemistry and biochemistry.

1. Molecular Biology of the Gene  by James Watson this is a great starting book – easy to read – gives history and clearly explains the cell processes.  This is a goodies

Now for the serious study books.  The subject of immunology is vast.   I sometimes feel I need a database to decode the this vast chemical and cellular system.  Out side of the liver, it is the most complex organ system we have.

Immunology Books that are good

Books Used as text books and resources to learn about immunology

1 Roitt’s Essential Immunology (Essentials) 13th Edition by Seamus J. Martin (Author), Dennis R. Burton (Author), Ivan M. Roitt (Author), Peter J. Delves (Author)

2. How the Immune System Works 7th Edition by Lauren M. Sompayrac (Author) #1 on Amazon

3. Illustrated Dictionary of Immunology 3nd Edition by Julius M. Cruse (Author), Robert E. Lewis (Author)

4. Atlas of Immunology  Author: Julius M. Cruse published on (August, 2010)

Now to keep up with current events and journal articles

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If you run into a GOOBER who says they know about vaccines and the immune system and refuse to get vaccinated.  Just ask them if they have read any of these books. This will put them in a state of befuddlement.