Benzyl alcohol contact skin allergen

The molecule Benzyl alcohol (CAS 100-51-6) causes contact dermatitis, itching and rashes.  This blog is about Benzyl alcohol as skin contact allergen.  Surprisingly, it is found in many cosmetics, lotions, moisturizers and sunscreens products. Benzyl alcohol turns up in these products because it has two important properties both as a fragrance and a preservative.  Many products use Benzyl alcohol due to its bacteriostatic preservative proprieties.

Benzyl alcohol keeps the products from turning rancid!

Furthermore, Benzyl alcohol skin allergies have descriptions in many medical journal articles.  Most importantly, Benzyl alcohol made its way into the EU Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) documents.  “THE SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE ON COSMETIC PRODUCTS AND NON-FOOD PRODUCTS INTENDED FOR CONSUMERS list”.  See our page with this list.

Benzyl alcohol as a contact skin allergen

Additionally, Benzyl alcohol causes contact dermatitis, rosacea, itching and persistent eczema after exposure.  Benzyl alcohol causes out breaks for patients with psoriasis. Thus, psoriasis skin lesions exposed to Benzyl alcohol become inflamed.

Specifically, Benzyl alcohol is also a known human immune system toxicant.  Thus,  getting listed as an allergen in EU Banned and Restricted Fragrances lists.  Benzyl alcohol is found in many skin care products in the United States, South American, Africa and Asia.   Clinically, doctors note increases of contact dermatitis from this allergen.

Surprisingly, Benzyl alcohol is in many cosmetics, lotions, moisturizers.

A typical skin care products with Benzyl alcohol in it.

Aveeno product with Benzyl Alcohol hidden in fragrance

Specifically – products hid Benzyl alcohol as a  “Fragrance”.  Consequently, this avoids not listed it on many product labels!

Furthermore from product websites – “This special blend of fragrances, designed to complement the product experience”. Fragrance – Provides a light, gentle scent.  The description for Benzyl alcohol’s scent!

This is the chemical formula of Benzyl alcohol!

Benzyl alcohol molecule

Benzyl alcohol molecule – benzene ring with alcohol structure