On December 28th I got the New RSV Vaccine

By John L Elliott MS – Got the New RSV Shot

How I got the New Covid Vaccine.  On December 27th, I went to the CVS website and signed up to get the new RSV vaccine.  My journey to avoiding the new RSV virus.  I am in the danger group being over the age of 60.

At the pharmacy

What happened in the pharmacy, I received the RSV shot in my left arm. Being right handed, I chose my left arm for the shot.  Next, used my iPhone timer for the 15 minutes wait.  I had no adverse reactions.  Thereafter, the rest of my day went fine.  Subsequently, the rest of my day went well.  Overall the shot was a very good experience for me.

Picture of the vaccine package.

New RSV and new Flu vaccine

Afterward the next day, I had a little bit of soreness in my left arm.  Much like any other vaccine shot I have taken.   It did not affect me and  I went about the rest of the day with no issues. I had already. looked at the literature online to find out what the possible side effects are.  I wrote these side effects in a post here.

Update – It is two days later, I have no pain in my arm.  I did not develop any adverse issues.