Where to begin?

Myth 1: The vaccines are developed too quickly to be trusted

The first idea of vaccines goes back to Greek and Roman times.  The modern develop starts with using cowpox puss to protect against Smallpox.  Then Louis Pasture developed virus vaccines.   The RNA vaccine development started in the late 1980’s.

Myth 2: The vaccines will alter your DNA

Vaccines teach your immune system to recognize viruses and bacteria.  They do not effect your DNA.

Myth 3: If you’ve had a disease, you don’t need to get vaccinated

As you  age your immune system loses the recognition of  viruses and bacteria.

Myth 4: The vaccines cause variants of viruses and bacteria

Viruses and bacteria evolve because unvaccinated people are infected

Myth 5: The vaccines use a live version of the viruses

The rabies vaccine uses what are called attenuated viruses – they are old and damaged.  Most other vaccines use parts of dead viruses or bacteria.

Myth 6: The vaccines contain microchips or can cause you to be magnetic

This is a laugh – there is no iron nor silicon used in vaccines!

Myth 7: Vaccines can cause fertility problems

This has not happened.

Myth 8: You shouldn’t get the vaccine if you’ve ever had an allergic reaction

There are people with allergies who get shots weekly to decease their allergic response.  In the old days, some vaccines were manufactured with horse serums.  This is not the case with modern vaccines.  A word of caution, there are people can not get vaccines due to immune system issues.  We will be doing researched articles on this with evidence based medicine.  The author suffers with allergies and took the COVID, Flu and other vaccines in his life!

Myth 9: If the vaccines worked, we wouldn’t need to update them

In 1981 the IBM PC came out.  Our new computers and cell phones are more powerful as the early computers in the 1960’s.  Technology and knowledge changes.  With viruses and bacteria, they evolve.  New vaccines meet these new variants.  Some viruses have a rapid mutation time measures in a few weeks.

Hope this helps!