What we learned from the Covid 19 epidemic

By John L Elliott MS

I had a football coach who when we lost said “don’t be sore bitter losers – What did you learn”?  What can you do better in the next game”?

In one of my last football games, we lost and I was upset.  I learned in that game many of my team mates gave up.  It was a bitter experience for me.  I lost the joy of playing after that game.  Next year due to injury, I left playing football.

So what did I learn about other Americans in the epidemic?  Well they are very easily fooled by people who are ignorant.  I have neighbors who think they listen to pod casts and YouTube mountebanks and think they “know how vaccinations work”.  They are proud anti-vaccers.  They are they took drugs that fight parasites but have no antiviral effect.

We saw the failure of American leadership with a ego manic narcissist leader who killed at best guess 1.2 Million people.  The problem is many people have not reflected and learned “the Lesson they needed to learn from the epidemic”.   There is no joy for me when I talk with people and they think they know all about immunology.  I read and study about immunology every day and still I feel I know very little about it.  My area of expertise is contact allergens.  However, I still read and learn about this vastly complex area of study.

So when I heard today “social media” was upset with the Nobel award going to the unsung researchers of mRNA vaccines.  I decided to write this blog post.  I support the winners.