On Using Masks

Masks have been around since Dr Lister worked to decrease women dying after child birth and in operating rooms.  I myself use several kinds of masks. The 3M easy flow when I sand, do woodwork or other jobs that are dusty.  I have a activated carbon charcoal mask for when I use spray paints.  I home I have HEPA filters on my air systems as both my wife and I have allergies and suffer sinus issues from them. These all help us life comfortable lives.

About Dr Lister

Dr Joseph Lister MD – on using masks in surgery

Dr Lister lived from 1827 to 1912, his work on bacteriology, infection and inflammation saved many lives and changed the way medicine and surgery are done. We follow his protocols still to this day. You and I are most likely alive due to his work.  He was a British surgeon, medical scientist, experimental pathologist and a pioneer of antiseptic surgery and preventive healthcare. Joseph Lister revolutionized the craft of surgery in the same manner that John Hunter revolutionized the science of surgery.

Joseph Lister’s father developed microscopes. His studies were interrupted by smallpox.  He did keep careful notes while in medicine and this lead to his developments in medicine.