We are still in a pandemic

Yes, folks the statistics say we are still in a pandemic.  In our article 2023 Year End Summary for SARS-CoV-2 we showed 2023 results from the CDC.  The statistics and numbers say in December 2023 we had 99,935 SARS-CoV-2 admissions to US Hospitals.  Lets say this represents the worst cases.  If we project the cases by a factor of ten then we come out with about with ~ 999,900 actual infections!  We now have flu and RSV in the mix going into 2024!

So what Does this mean?

The chance of becoming severely sick from COVID-19 when attending a January to April indoor function is far too great not to take preventative measures.  The COVID-19 deniers face a new reality.  Long COVID-19, and no amount of disinformation on how it is not dangerous can make this danger go away.  A study published last month documented that long COVID-19 is more dangerous than the flu.  Coronavirus’ dangers are compounded by how easily it can spread and mutate.  Once contacted, approximately 50% of patients can not rid themselves of debilitating symptoms of long COVID-19.  Unfortunately, similar to cold sores, chicken pox and mono, the coronavirus may persist in individuals leading to chronic symptoms.

COVID continues to rapidly change thus “Herd immunity” is meaningless

Relying on herd immunity is also a pipe dream.  It does not exist with rapidly mutating virus.  Frequently occurring now are more long COVID-19 cases.  The damage appears to be additive.  The incidence of long COVID-19 in the CDC’s pulse survey of adults with previous COVID-19 has dropped in half, but then stabilized at 11%. Presently, the peak incidences are found in ages 30 to 49, possibly because this age group is one of the most vaccine hesitant.

We need a new and different solutions we are still in a pandemic

The good news vaccines are one of the best ways to help prevent long COVID-19. After a large literature review, a study published in October found that three doses of a vaccine had a 69% efficacy in prevention.  A more recent study reported a higher efficacy of 73%. Even in those who have been previously infected with the coronavirus, vaccines have been observed to decrease long COVID-19 symptoms by 40%.

But How? These are the factors need we need to consider

  • Vaccines are our best defense against long COVID
  • Our response to disinformation asymmetric warfare from early in the pandemic to now
  • Improvements in ventilation systems
  • Better masks use KN95 and N95 masks not cloth masks and wimp masks
  • Personal responsibility
  • Silly politicians

In summary, get the current vaccines for Flu, Covid, RSV.  Get and use the better masks in public from January to April.  Take personal responsibility for yourself and family.  Vote out silly anti vaccine politicians.   Be careful on social media and avoid disinformation bots. Encourage friends to get vaccinated.

Opps! We are still in a pandemic!