At risk of dying and not getting Vaccinated

Since the winter of 2020, health experts have been warning that the spread of anti-vaxxer lies.  Consequently, these lies have brought the world to the brink of public-health catastrophe.  The Great Collapse of Vaccination Rates has damaged the United States. This hasn’t come to pass. In spite of deep concerns about a generation of young parents who might soon give up on immunizations altogether—not simply for COVID, but perhaps for all disease—many of the stats we have are looking good. Standard vaccination coverage among babies and toddlers, including the pandemic babies born in 2020, is “high and stable,” the CDC reports. And kindergarteners’ immunization rates, which dipped after the pandemic started, are no longer losing ground.

Lower your risks of dying

Current best practices

The current vaccines for Flu, Covid, RSV. Get and use the better masks in public from January to April. Consequently, take personal responsibility for yourself and family. Vote out silly anti vaccine politicians. Be careful on social media and avoid disinformation bots.  However, We are still in multiple pandemics.

Follow the Statistics

January and February are the bad months for flu, Covid and RSV.  See this post!  As of this post, one of my friends got Covid at work this week.  Therefore due to being vaccinated for Covid and the Flu, he has fewer symptoms and no fever.